Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear family,

Thanks for being constant in writing me these two years. Well I guess this is my last letter. I can't really explain how I feel but its a mixture of really happy and bummed at the same time. I still haven't realized that next week I will no longer be in Chile but it'll hit me when it comes. This week has been amazing. We were able to bring some investigators to the conference yesterday and we had a great experience. One of them had entered into the church for the first time. He sat attentively watching conference and the prophet spoke last on Sunday morning. While listening to him he said to my companion, what do I have to do to become mormon? They were touched by the prophet's talk which was full of power and authority. Personally I saw a pattern in all the talks from conference about missionary work and repentance. Well the last 2 years I think I've strengthened my testimony the most in those two subjects. I love the power of repentance in our lives and I know that Jesus Christ can and will heal us. I've experienced a change of heart as I've begun to think and act more like the savior. I love this Gospel and I love my Savior with all my heart. Another thing I've learned is that the most important thing is maintaining the Holy Ghost in our lives. There is nothing worse than a day without the Spirit. Nothing is worth the absence of the divine presence of the Spirit.

Well this week we're going to work hard. We have some high goals to reach. Luz Marina is going to get baptized on October 23rd, the second baptism in this area in 2011. Hopefully this ward turns itself around a bit. Also 2 others that came to conference are going to get baptized. I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of His children. I love the people here in Chile and will always talk about them with respect and love.

So I will try to give you a call in LA because we have a 3 hour lay-over. But if not, I'll see you anyway. I love you guys and will see you next week. Les amo mucho and estoy animado para verles. Oren por mi por mi última semana para que tengamos éxito. El propósito de la obra misional es la conversión personal de uno y de otras almas. Amo esta obra y voy a extrañarla mucho. ¡Nos vemos pronto!

Elder Aaron Joseph Webb

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dearest family,

Thanks for the letter dad. I'm here in Quilicura visiting some converts. So far its been a great day to see some of the people I've been able to help here. Really it makes you feel so happy. We had a good week this last week. Finding some new investigators and weeding out the ones that arent progressing. Catalina got baptized. Shes a little girl that we started teaching in Almendral 2. Hopefully Elder Bravo will send me some pictures. Also 3 more that we started teaching in Almendral should get baptized on October 9th. Here we preparing lots for baptism in October but it'll be after I get home. Anyways, I'll send you guys a little email next week which should be my last one.... wow. I love you guys and I'll see you soon.

Elder Webb

PS I hope you all can be there when I get back (Jarem and the family, Brendon, Clayton and Brandi, and whoever else wants to come)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Family,

Sorry I couldnt write much last week but thanks for your letters. To answer your questions from last week, yes I did get the letter from Bishop. And Elder Costa is not related to Elder Costa from the seventy. Oh and about singing in church, that would be fine Dad but you guys can choose whatever song you would like. Maybe you guys could sing I Feel my Savior's Love. Thats a great song. Oh and Mom, try looking for a full-time position that I could have before beginning school in January. Oh and I'm pretty sure I want mexican food. Maybe we can go to Serranos or something.

Well to answer your other question dad, yes I did get to go to Francisca's baptism the other week and it was awesome. She went to the temple on Saturday with the youth to do baptisms for the dead. I'm pretty excited to hear how that went. I'll send some pictures. So this week was pretty crazy. It was really successful... until the weekend. For the independence day here in Chile, nobody is home, and those that are home are having a barbaque and the rest are drinking. We had a great ward activity yesterday for the national holiday and a lot of people turned out and some investigators came. We had a cool experience this week with an investigator called Miguel. He's a 24 year old thats working and living alone. We finished teaching lesson 1 and my companion asked some inspired questions (in half portugues half spanish) about how he has felt about our visits. Miguel said that ever since we started visiting him, he has started to feel diferent. He's started to feel good and doesnt want to go out and do the same things he's been doing. The Spirit came in strong and he committed to getting baptized in October. It made me think about how the Spirit really changes our hearts and leads us to repentance. It really takes away our desire to sin. President Essig gave us a good talk in Zone conference this week which has really helped me. I'll share some more with your guys when I get back and probably in my talk. It has to do with the ability Christ had to avoid sin his whole life. I love this Gospel so much and the fact that it makes us clean and makes others clean from within. What a great blessing to still be part of this wonderful work. We have a bunch of youth that should be getting baptized soon. Please pray for them. Their names are, Martín, Matias, Matias, Andres, Jorge, Lukas, Santiago, and Juan. Haha thats almost all of the apostles.

Well I love you guys a ton. Don't get trunky on me haha. I'll see you guys soon! Next week I'll get to visit my converts in my other sectors. Too bad I can't go to the island again to visit them haha. So next week I might not write too much for the lack of time. Les amo mucho mucho. Nos vemos pronto,

Elder Webb

ps, I'm writing today because our Pday got changed to today for the holiday yesterday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Webb Family,

We would like to inform you that your son Elder Aaron Webb is being released from the Chile Santiago North Mission. We have been richly blessed by the way in which he has given himself to this sacred work.

He is scheduled to arrive:

Arrival Date: October 11

Arrival Airport: SKY HARBOR INT

Flight Number: US 5

Arrival Time: 11:16 am

It has been a pleasure knowing him and working with him.


Élder Foster

Secretario Ejecutivo

Misión Chile Santiago Norte

Tel:(56-2) 777-3661

Cel:(56-9) 953-46013
Hey family,

Thanks for the letter dad. Sorry I cant write much this week. Today as a zone we went up to the snow which is about 3 miles from the border with Argentina in the Andes Mountains. It was an awesome experience and I'll send you guys some pictures. But this last week was great. We had 5 investigators come to church and 4 of them are progressing. The Lord is really helping us since we're opening a new area. I've had some great spiritual experiences. My companion is learning a lot and its great working with new missionaries. But I'm loving it here. I'm gonna work hard this last 4 weeks so that this ward gets stronger. We want to help out the youth and have 5 young men with a baptism date for the beginning of October. But thanks for everything and I love you guys a ton. Sorry for not writing more but I'll write more next week. Oh, the 18th is Independence day here in Chile. I invite you guys to eat hot dogs with guacamole and diced tomatoes on top (a chilean classic). Its really good. Anyways, see you soon, chao,

Elder Webb

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thanks for the Happy Birthday Poorer wish Clayton. Yes I feel poorer every day haha. I at least I know you guys are still alive. So we're here in Los Andes now and we had a crazy first week. My birthday was crazy busy. We spent to whole day traveling but ya know its awesome training a new missionary. My companion is Elder Costa from la Amazónia, Brazil. He speaks little spanish so I'm learning portugues haha. Quase eu falo portugues agora. He's really outgoing to we've been talking to everyone here. Our area is tiny! We can literally walk from one end to the other is like 15 minutes. We don't even have bikes. We got to know all the members already because its a rather small ward. But the members here are great. My companion likes to talk to everyone in the street which is awesome for a new missionary. He's very outgoing. The sector here was pretty dead before we got here but we already have someone with a baptism date that looks pretty promising. So hopefully soon we can turn this place around. The good thing is that I'm about 20 mins away, in car, from San Felipe. So this week I think I'll be able to go to Francisca's baptism. Its really calm here and the houses are more middle class. Next week I'll send more pictures of our area and house. Oh and I finally got to meet the new mission president on Tuesday when we went to the mission home.

So I don't have much else to say right now. I love you guys heaps. Les escribo más la próxima semana. Chao,

Elder Webb

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hola familia,

Hey thanks for the letter Dad. So first to answer your questions, about the campout, I think I'll have to skip on that being the day after I get home. I would love to but, not so soon. Oh and I got my flight itinerary. You guys didn't say that you received it, which you should have received, but I'll tell it to you anyways. So my flight leaves Monday, Oct 10th at 9:05pm. I fly on LAN airlines to Lima, Peru. Then to LA, California. I should get to LA at 650am. Then I take US airways from LA to phx. My flight leaves at 955am and I should get to PHX at 11:15am. Alright so now you know.

Well back to the work. Well so we got transfers last night and.... I'm leaving Almendral 2. I'm going to another area in the same zone. I'm going to the ward Centenario in the city of Los Andes. I'm gonna be training a new missionary again wooo! And opening a new area. It should be a great experience. Tough but fun. Its really hard to leave an area after just one transfer. I love the people here in San Felipe. And we were really getting a lot of stuff done here. In September this area is going to have at least 5 baptisms with 2 more depending on their divorce papers so that they can get married. I always seem to get transferred before seeing a lot of baptisms but well, its the Lord's will. The good thing is that I think President Essig will let me go to their baptisms. So Francisca, this week, has progressed a ton. She is one of the best investigators ever. We taught a lesson to her friend and she bore her testimony of the first vision and explained how she's going to get baptized in 2 weeks. Actually she advanced her baptism date so that she can be confirmed on September 11th to be able to go to the temple with the youth the following week. She is awesome! And the Lord blessed us with more people to teach. I love this work so much and its going to be sad to have to leave it. This week I could feel the Holy Ghost testify to our investigators as we bore our testimonies to them. I love that feeling. Its the best.

Well so you know, Elder Bravo is leaving the island and is going to be campanions with Elder Fuentes here in Almendral. Next week I'll tell you how my last companion is and everything because I still don't know. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I love you guys and hope you have many missionary experiences this week. Take care. Con amor,

Elder Webb